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The Future of Inspections

The Helmet

Welcome to the future of inspection with Tenera’s state-of-the-art Inspector’s Helmet. Engineered for precision and ease, our helmet is equipped with a dual-camera system: a webcam for real-time guidance and a secondary high-quality camera that records every detail of the inspection.


The recorded data is saved locally for convenience and can be transferred via cable to an iPad for further analysis. High-quality stills can be extracted post-inspection to enhance your reports.


Completing this advanced setup are the integrated ear-muffs with a hands-free headset, ensuring clear communication throughout the inspection process.


Tenera’s hardware is your gateway to a smarter, more efficient inspection workflow.


Enhanced Signal

Helmets designed with a boosted signal for uninterrupted communication.

Integrated Live Camera

Equipped with a high-quality live-action camera for steady, real-time visuals during inspections.

Hands-Free Operation

Built-in microphone and noise-cancelling ear muffs allow for clear communication in loud environments.

High-Resolution Recording

Action camera with 4K+ quality captures detailed footage, easily downloadable to an iPad post-inspection.

Cloud Connectivity

Footage can be uploaded to the cloud via LT internet, even while on the move.

AI Synchronization

Advanced AI technology to synchronize video clips for precise issue identification.

Versatile Use

Suitable for live job site inspections, enhancing safety and efficiency.

The Camera

Step into the realm of advanced surveillance with Tenera’s specialized LT Cameras, designed for site monitoring and hard-to-access areas like elevator shafts.

Our cameras are not just different; they’re smarter, saving footage automatically per job site and integrating seamlessly into our app for optimal organization. Live monitoring ensures safety protocols and job specifications are followed. 

The data collected can be used for progress report generation, final reporting and job certification.


For stationary monitoring, such as in elevator shafts, our cameras are specifically calibrated to monitor critical points for leaks, with a pre-set timer that navigates between essential viewpoints. This allows for continuous live monitoring and precise issue detection, ensuring that not only is the operation uninterrupted, but the origin of any problem is pinpointed with accuracy. Detecting  minor issues, and taking action is essential in preventing costly repairs..


With Tenera’s cameras, you gain the foresight to prevent issues before they escalate, all while maintaining the integrity of your site.

Versatile Monitoring

Tenera Cameras are suitable for both hard-to-access areas and general site monitoring, with specialized models for each application.

Automatic Saving

Footage is saved automatically per job, with easy integration into Tenera’s app for efficient organization.

Stationary Monitoring

Cameras are tuned for specific monitoring tasks, such as detecting leaks in elevator shafts, with a timer to navigate between pre-saved critical points.

Live Monitoring

Enables real-time issue detection without shutting down operations, pinpointing the origin of problems.

Preventative Insights

Continuous monitoring can signal when maintenance is needed, such as addressing sump pump issues to prevent building-wide flooding.

High-Quality Evidence

Captures and saves detailed footage of floor conditions, aiding in long-term maintenance planning.

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