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Introducing Tenera’s Live Specialist Tyler

Discover Tyler, Tenera’s AI specialist, your key to efficient condition assessments and tendering. Tyler offers swift, precise support, merging data analysis with strategic planning for effective project management. Elevate your operations with Tyler’s AI-driven insights.

Seamlessly integrated into the 
Tenera's Suite of Tools

Engineering documents summarised

Tyler, our live AI specialist, summarises lengthy engineering reports producing quantifiable output. Our specialists with vast industry knowledge of over a decade can efficiently interpret this data, also supported by lab tests, to issue repair specifications and itemised capital plans.

We design applications to resolve problems in a cost-effective way and help with Reserve Fund planning by producing detailed year-to-year capital plans.


‚ÄčLive communication with site inspectors

Our live AI specialist Tyler can communicate with any number of site inspectors, live, to gather any further details beyond what is recorded in the Tenera Inspections app.


Tyler will also aid in clarifying any of the information entered, to ensure efficiency and precision in designing repair applications. 

Simultaneous site inspection by
multiple disciplines

No more issues with coordination: engineers from multiple disciplines can do a live inspection on the same site, recording the corresponding issues on the go, hands-free, using an integrated inspection helmet, communicating live with Tyler’s help.

Each issue is saved separately, allowing for seamless synching if the inspection was done in offline mode.


Inspection reports issued within days

We have developed a way to unify condition assessment and tendering processes with the help of AI. Inspection reports can be produced within days, facilitating Reserve Fund determination, Tender Package issuance, and the Tendering process itself.

Job Certification & Reporting

Tyler will also help when the work on the jobsite is done: work completion reports will be produced, certifying that the repair process was carried out in accordance with the specifications outlined in the application designed document provided to the contractor. Details on each phase of the repair, along with the corresponding photo evidence and video footage  will be provided.

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