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HOSPITALSSouthlake Regional Health Centre 

2022-6 - Southlake Regional Health exterior joint -  DURING (4).jpeg


Southlake Regional Health Centre – New Market, ON

Repair Types:

Expansion joint injection

Project Background:

Southlake Regional Health Centre is a large hospital where other projects had been supervised by Tenera since 2018. In the summer of 2022, the request was to waterproof one of the exterior expansion joints.


Leakage through the exterior joint located on the third-floor terrace into the rooms below.


Expansion joint failure due to aging accelerated by exposure to direct sunlight and weather elements.


The floor expansion joint (the total length of 64 LF) required waterproofing. To ensure durable results, the following application design was specified: surface preparation and expansion joint injection. The joint had to be cleaned out via grinding and removal of any loose material. The joint then had to be coated with PolyForce adhesive, before the backer rod was to be inserted, to ensure it would remain in place. The last step was to inject PolyFlex waterproofing material – when injected, it has the consistency of liquid rubber. Once cured, it becomes thicker while remaining flexible enough to allow for normal joint expansion and contraction, yet at the same time fully sealing and waterproofing the entire length of the joint.

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