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Specifications for Comprehensive Concrete Balcony Repair and Waterproofing

Tenera was requested to provide repair specifications for a balcony waterproofing project for a low-rise commercial building located on Augusta Ave. in Toronto. This project required a specialised repair method and materials to ensure long-lasting protection against water ingress.

Scope of Balcony Repairs

Concrete balcony repair and waterproofing may encompass several critical tasks, including crack repair, patching, slope reversal, parging, the application of a waterproofing membrane, and a top coat. Each step must be meticulously performed to restore structural integrity and prevent future damage.

The Repair Method

Initial Crack Repair and Slope Reversal

The first phase involved addressing existing cracks and reversing any improper slopes on the balcony. Specifying specialised materials designed for thin patch applications, we instructed the contractor on how to correct the balcony slope. These materials enable the application of extensive patches with thicknesses as minimal as 5 mm, ensuring precision and durability.

Preparation for Waterproofing Membrane

To prepare for the application of the polyurea-based waterproofing membrane, the balcony surface was first covered with a geotextile material. This layer acts as a stabilising base, enhancing the adhesion and performance of the subsequent membrane.

Application of Waterproofing Membrane

The polyurea-based waterproofing membrane was then meticulously applied. This advanced material provides robust protection against water infiltration due to its superior resilience and flexibility. It effectively bridges cracks and accommodates structural movements, ensuring a watertight seal.

Polyaspartic Coating Application

Following the membrane installation, a polyaspartic coating was applied to fully seal the newly repaired surface. This coating not only enhances the waterproofing layer but also allows customisation of the balcony's appearance through color and texture options, facilitated by the use of aggregates. Additionally, the coating was broadcast with sand to create a safe, non-slip surface, further improving the balcony's usability and safety.

By adhering to these detailed repair specifications, Tenera ensured that the balcony on Augusta Ave. is now structurally sound and protected against future water damage. Our repair specifications which include a methodical approach and the use of advanced materials reflect our commitment to ensuring that high-quality, durable waterproofing solutions are delivered by the contractor performing the job.

For more information on our balcony repair and waterproofing specifications, visit this page



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