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Lasting Repair Solutions for Garage Traffic Topping

Property management of a low-rise residential building on Morningside Ave. in Toronto contacted Tenera to provide a solution for the extensively pitted traffic topping inside their underground parking garage. To address this issue comprehensively, a multi-step approach involving levelling, traffic topping, and topcoat application was imperative to ensure a long-lasting repair – which is the repair method we specified for the contractor to use.

The Challenge

The unique challenge posed by the building's location near High Park, coupled with limited street parking, necessitated meticulous coordination with property owners to facilitate the movement of vehicles out of the garage during the repair process. Additionally, preparing the surface for repair proved arduous due to its rough texture, adding complexity to the task.


The Solution

Given the constraints of the parking garage and the need to minimise disruptions to residents, a strategic plan was devised. With only five to six cars relocated at any given time, the repair process was segmented into five sections, each comprising approximately 5,000 SQF of surface area. This phased approach allowed for focused attention on each section, ensuring precision and efficiency throughout the repair process.

Each section underwent a carefully designed three-day repair cycle, encompassing surface preparation, priming, and coating. Surface cleaning was initiated with a thorough power washing procedure, supplemented by an environmentally friendly cleaning solution to ensure optimal cleanliness and adhesion. Subsequently, a self-levelling primer was applied to address the pitting, effectively smoothing out imperfections and creating a uniform substrate.

The application of traffic topping, consisting of a robust base coat epoxy broadcast with sand, served to enhance traction and fortify the surface against heavy vehicular traffic, while maintaining a non-slip surface. Finally, a polyaspartic topcoat was applied to provide a durable protective layer, safeguarding the floor against abrasion, chemical exposure, and other environmental stressors.

Throughout the repair process, utmost care was taken to minimise disruption to residents, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience. The culmination of these efforts resulted in a transformed parking garage floor—a clean, dust-free surface meticulously repaired and fortified for many years to come.

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