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UTILITY ROOMSAntibes Dr., North York 

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Antibes Dr., North York

Repair Types:

Concrete patching, cold joint waterproofing, floor membrane installation.

Project Background:

After a series of successful waterproofing projects done for the exterior parking deck, and floor rehabilitation of three utility rooms (garbage, compactor, and mechanical), property management of a high-rise residential building requested floor recoating in the two remaining utility rooms: boiler room, with the total area of nearly 900 SQF, and chiller room, with the total area of 375 SQF.


Concrete floor deterioration.


The existing epoxy floor coating had failed (cracked and delaminated in some areas), no longer providing adequate protection.


The application design was the same for both rooms in terms of floor restoration, but for the chiller room, there was an additional scope of cold joint waterproofing.

The contractor was required to adhere to the following specifications: the existing epoxy was to be ground off, and all the loose material removed. Crack repair and patching was to be done next, and then the whole floor surface was to be primed with PLF Plus Primer as part of the concrete substrate preparation. A two-layer polyaspartic coating was to be installed next.

For cold joint waterproofing, the following application design was given: clean the wall surface, chip out the cold joint (1” deep), removing the loose material, and coat with Joint Seal waterproofing material, followed by the Polyforce Plus Adhesive – to ensure sufficient adhesion for the new cement. A continuous cement patch running along the entire joint was to be installed, forming a 45-degree angle. Another layer of Polyforce Plus Primer and Joint Seal waterproofing material was to be applied next.

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