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TRAFFIC TOPPINGBloor St. W, Toronto 

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Bloor St. W, Toronto

Repair Types:

Crack repair, patching, urethane floor coating

Project Background:

A low-rise residential building with a parking garage. Total garage floor area – 4,500 SQF.


A highly deteriorated concrete floor in the parking garage.


Normal aging due to the weather elements (ramp and entrance), salt, and vehicle traffic.


Application specifications included substrate preparation to be done with shotblasting, crack repair and patching, and urethane floor coating.

The contractor was instructed to do concrete repairs ahead of shotblasting. Specifications on the repair method and materials were provided: cracks and holes were to be opened up more, to remove all the loose material, and coated with Polyforce Plus Adhesive. Crack filling material and patch installation followed.

Shotblasting was to be done next, to identify any other damaged concrete and ensure substate smoothness and cleanliness (without oil and grease) before a membrane would be installed. If more cracks and holes were revealed (this was the case), they had to be repaired following the process describe above.

Floor coating was the last step of the application design provided: the entire garage floor surface was to be primed with a water-based epoxy primer. A urethane basecoat was to be applied next and broadcast with a specialised aggregate – for a non-slip texture required for pedestrian safety. Once the material cured, the crew had to return the following day to apply an aromatic (non-UV protect) traffic topping. When this coating was dry, the last step would be to paint the yellow lines.

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