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4620 Guildwood AFTER June-July 2021 (3).jpeg


Guildwood Way, Mississauga

Repair Types:

Crack repair, patching, surface coating

Project Background:

Concrete steps and landings of 23 townhouses required repair and coating. Each set had to be done in two stages, to allow access to the units at all times because the stairs are shared by two homes.


Delaminated epoxy coating. Cracks and holes throughout the stair and landing structures.


Normal aging due to exposure to sunlight and the weather elements, salt, and foot traffic.


The project was divided into three stages: sandblasting, concrete crack repair and patching, and polyaspartic coating. The contactor was given the following specifications.

The most efficient way to remove the existing delaminated epoxy was to use a sandblaster.

To repair ceiling and floor cracks, the contractor had to clean them out with a chipping gun, removing all the loose material, and coat them with Polyforce Plus Adhesive. To complete the repair, crack filler was to be applied next.

To install patches, the contractor was required to prepare the surface by removing any loose material with a chipping gun, to remove any unsound concrete, coat them with Polyforce Plus Adhesive, and then apply concrete patches.

Polyaspartic coating was the last step: it was to be applied in two layers – the basecoat, which was to be broadcast with non-slip aggregates for pedestrian safety, and the top coat, to fully seal the surface.

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