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BALCONIESCrown Hill Place, Etobicoke 

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Crown Hill Place, Etobicoke

Repair Types:

Crack repair, patching, concrete restoration

Project Background:

Two low-rise rental buildings with 28 balconies that required urgent repair. The owner was concerned about having to replace balconies or even shut down the building, which would not have been feasible due to tenant occupancy.


Highly deteriorated balcony floor and ceiling surfaces, with rebar exposed and chunks missing around the edges. Old railings.


Aging due to exposure to sunlight and weather elements.


This project required extensive concrete restoration. The application design included crack repair, patching, parging, and epoxy coating.

Scope specifications provided to the contractor included instructions on how to repair the cracks, install patches – including edge and corner restoration – and do surface finish. To repair ceiling and floor cracks, the contractor had to clean them out with a chipping gun, removing all the loose material, and coat them with Polyforce Plus Adhesive. To fully repair the cracked surface, crack filler was to be applied next.

To install patches, the contractor was required to clean them out with a chipping gun, to remove any unsound concrete, coat them with Polyforce Plus Adhesive, and then apply concrete patches.

Once repaired, both floor and ceiling surfaces were to be parged over for a smoother appearance and coated with a UV-resistant epoxy. The top coat of the balcony floors had to be broadcast with aggregates for a non-slip surface finish.

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