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INDUSTRIAL – Skycharter



Fuel containment area at Skycharter, Toronto Pearson Airport.

Repair Types:

New concrete slab installation, crack repair, expansion joint waterproofing, parking spot realignment in the VIP area.

Project Background:

This airport tenant required the gutters around the bay edges to be replaced.


Flooding in the fuel containment area, creating a hazard.


Deteriorated gutters, and an incorrect basin elevation causing improper draining.


To replace the gutters, the following application design was specified: surface demolition, rebar installation, and new concrete slab pouring. 

To correct the existing elevation, the basin had to be lowered by removing the top of the basin and realigning it to the proper elevation.

Additionally, some cracks had to be filled, and two expansion joints required waterproofing. To repair cracks efficiently, contractors were given the following specifications: to clean the cracks out via grinding and loose concrete removal, coat them with the industrial-grade adhesive specified, fill them with a material specifically designed for this purpose, and grind over until smooth.

To repair the expansion joint, the contractor was given the following specifications: clean out the joint, coat it with Polyforce Plus Adhesive, insert a backer rod tightly, to keep the material to be injected in place, and inject the expansion joint with Joint Seal waterproofing material.

Once the repairs were complete, the customer made an additional request of realigning parking spots, to make room for eight vehicles instead of four. The existing lines had to be removed and new ones painted.

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