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Utility Room Waterproofing – the Full Scope of Work

In our earlier blog entry, we highlighted Tenera's proficiency in crafting precise and efficient solutions tailored for the repair and waterproofing needs of diverse structures. As an engineering consulting firm, our expertise spans essential domains, guaranteeing thorough maintenance and timely, personalized repairs that align with unique project requirements.

Ensuring the waterproofing of utility rooms is essential for preserving vital infrastructure and sustaining optimal functionality. These spaces frequently accommodate sensitive equipment and systems, including electrical panels, pool equipment, and other essentials, exposing them to potential water damage.

Tenera Services division starts every repair project by carefully looking at the site to note down all the issues. The inspector's detailed report helps create a plan that shows what needs to be done and suggests cost-effective solutions. This plan includes details about materials and different types of work. After that, Tenera takes charge of the process of finding contractors, giving them the job, overseeing the work, and making sure everything is finished, including making any needed reports.

Utility Room Repairs – Typical Scope

Utility room repair encompasses a comprehensive scope of tasks to address various issues and ensure the functionality and durability of essential infrastructure. The scope includes crack repair, addressing any structural fissures that may compromise the room's integrity. Patching is employed to mend and reinforce damaged areas, contributing to the overall stability of the space. Slope correction is crucial for ensuring proper drainage and preventing water accumulation. Cold joint repair focuses on fixing any weakened connections in the construction. Additionally, the application of a waterproofing membrane forms a protective barrier, safeguarding the utility room against potential water damage and enhancing its resilience over time.

Following Tenera’s work type and material specifications ensures lasting waterproofing results.

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