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Utility Room Waterproofing – Lasting Solutions

Tenera's consultants were hired to provide repair specifications for a project involving the waterproofing of utility rooms. Their detailed recommendations were given to the contractor, who executed the work under Tenera's supervision. This project followed the successful completion of exterior parking deck waterproofing, floor rehabilitation, and waterproofing of the garbage compactor and mechanical rooms at a high-rise residential building on Antibes Dr. in Toronto. The next phase focused on the floor repair in the boiler and chiller rooms.

Boiler Room Floor – Repair Method

The boiler room floor repair began with thorough surface preparation, an essential step before the application of the waterproofing membrane. Initially, a floor grinder was employed to clean and smooth the entire surface area of the boiler room floor. For the corners, a portable grinder was utilised to ensure precision cleaning and preparation, reaching every nook and cranny that the larger grinder could not.

Next, the repair focused on cold joints, which are the weaker areas where concrete slabs meet, such as wall-to-floor and wall-to-wall corners. These joints were identified and meticulously addressed. A patch was installed along the entire wall perimeter at a 45-degree angle to reinforce these joints. To ensure the patch was securely affixed and provided a solid foundation for the subsequent layers, an industrial-strength adhesive was applied.

Attention was then turned to repairing all visible floor cracks and holes. These imperfections were carefully filled to create a uniform surface. Following this, the surface was ground once more to achieve a smooth finish, essential for the effective application of the waterproofing membrane.

Finally, the prepared floor was coated with a waterproofing membrane in two distinct layers. The first layer was applied to form a robust initial barrier against moisture. A second layer was added to reinforce the waterproofing, ensuring durable, long-lasting protection against any potential water intrusion.

These comprehensive steps ensured that the boiler room floor received a thorough and reliable waterproofing treatment, safeguarding the integrity of the utility room and the functionality of the equipment housed within it.

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