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TeneraPro App – From Issue Collection to Spec Document Generation

Welcome to the future of seamless repair project management with the revolutionary TeneraPro App! Designed as a custom web-based application, TeneraPro streamlines the entire process, from issue collection to spec document generation, precisely designating work types from a comprehensive drop-down menu, and allowing to manage pricing—all within one dynamic platform which works offline for issue gathering and synchs data as soon as the device is back online.

Benefits of Using the TeneraPro App

What sets TeneraPro apart is its ability to generate comprehensive spec documents, a fundamental step for generating repair proposals for clients or assembling a comprehensive tender package. But its utility doesn't end there—the generated spec document serves as the basis for job certification, aiding in confirming that the contractors followed the repairs methods specified and used the indicated materials.

Something for Everyone

The TeneraPro App caters to a wide range of users in the repair and construction field. From individuals doing project management, to engineers who provide their recommendations in spec documents, and contractors bidding on projects, the app offers a seamless experience, allowing the work to be done with a few clicks.

Anyone using the app can easily collect and log issues from their devices, noting locations, issue types, and even adding photos and measurements. Engineers can create detailed repair spec documents without needing to visit the site, accessing all the data gathered by others instantly. For contractors, it means being able to view these specs, quickly setting their prices, and seamlessly participating in project bids.

How Does It Work?

This intuitive app has been designed keeping the importance of user experience in mind. It is so straightforward that it does not require getting familiar with the user guide before attempting to navigate it.

The home screen offers just two simple options – either viewing all the properties already entered or creating a new one to start collecting issues.

Clicking on View Properties pulls up all the existing inspections which can be searched by clicking on the magnifying glass at the top right. To avoid having to click back, in case a property searched for had not yet been added, the Add New Property option is available right here.

Clicking on Add New Property enables a screen that allows you to upload a picture of the property – which will become part of the cover page of spec documents and proposals – and enter the basic information about it.

Once a new property is added, the user is directed to a screen that allows to enter all the issues, by locations. The names of locations and issues can be adjusted. Pictures, issue types and measurements can be entered.

Pricing is assigned as soon as the issue types and measurements are entered. If necessary, they can be adjusted when the spec document is generated. New work types can be added directly from the Add or Edit Issue option or from the admin panel.

The next step is generating the spec document by clicking on the Solution Tab. A corresponding screen is displayed, pulling the existing information, and requesting a bit more data.

Scrolling down reveals a button that allows the user to choose which location(s) to add to any particular spec document – a very useful feature for large projects that need to be phased, and multiple solution / spec documents generated.

This is just a brief introduction to how the app works and who can benefit from it.

Read our next blogs to learn more about each of its functions in more detail – collecting issues, adding new work types and modifying pricing, as well as generating spec docs.


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