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Tenera: Your Complete Solution for Maintenance and Repair Project Management

In the world of maintenance and repair projects, ensuring seamless execution and meticulous attention to detail are essential. That’s where Tenera steps in as a game-changer. A group of seasoned professionals, Tenera boasts a diverse team of specialty engineers and experts in other aspects of construction project management, adept at handling every facet of project management.

The Tenera Difference

What sets Tenera apart is its turnkey approach to project management – we survey, diagnose, and resolve. From the initial site inspection, which serves as the foundation for issue gathering, to the final production of comprehensive reports once the work is completed, Tenera’s involvement spans the entire project lifecycle, including application design, project tendering and awarding, job supervision and certification.

A One-Stop-Shop for Project Management Needs

Site Inspection and Issue Gathering

The journey begins with a detailed site inspection aimed at identifying and understanding the issues at hand. Using our in-house TeneraPro app, our professionals are able to gather all the issues, capturing photos and measurements at an instant. No issue goes missed.

Repair Solutions Design

As soon as the issues are entered in the app, they are immediately available for our specialty consultants to review and specify the required work types (pre-defined in the app) and materials required to complete the project successfully. As a result, an application design document is produced – to be used as part of the tender package and for job certification purposes.

Tendering and Awarding Work

Once repair specifications are ready, Tenera professionals put together a tender package and send it out to different contractors, for them to review and bid on. The project is awarded to the most qualified candidate – keeping in mind their experience, their OHSMS (Occupational Health & Safety Management System), and pricing. Once these aspects are carefully reviewed, a recommendation on whom to award the project to is extended to our clients, for them to either confirm our choice of contractor, or choose another.

Certifying Work and Producing Reports

If Tenera is further engaged to supervise the contractor, our team ensures that the work aligns with the stipulated specifications, as per our application design document. Our rigorous certification process guarantees the quality of the work and adherence to industry standards. Finally, comprehensive reports are produced, documenting every aspect of the project’s execution.

Tailored Services to Fit Your Needs

At Tenera, flexibility is key. Understanding that each client’s needs vary, we offer a range of services that can be tailored to suit specific project requirements. Whether clients require assistance at every stage of project management – as outlined above – or need support with only one or just a few aspects of the project, Tenera adapts to fit seamlessly into the equation.

Utilising a Tendering App for Efficiency

At Tenera, we use our proprietary TeneraPro app to streamline the entire project management process. This powerful in-house tool aids in issue gathering, application design document creation, and the production of tender packages. Its intuitive interface enhances efficiency and accuracy throughout the project lifecycle.

Financial Planning Expertise

Beyond handling every aspect of repair and maintenance project management, or any step of it (as required by client), Tenera also has a dedicated financial planning division which specialises in crafting comprehensive one- to five-year Maintenance Capital Plans and Reserve Fund Studies – essential in the decision-making process that Boards of Directors and Property Managers face on an ongoing basis.

Pricing and Scope

Understanding that project scopes vary significantly, Tenera offers competitive pricing structures that are contingent on the project’s specific requirements. The pricing model is adaptable, ensuring that clients receive value for their investment.

In essence, Tenera stands as a beacon in the realm of maintenance and repair projects, offering a complete suite of services backed up by experience, expertise, and a commitment to excellence. With a focus on precision, adaptability, and utilising cutting-edge technology, Tenera emerges as the ideal partner for any project, no matter the scale or complexity.

Learn more about the services we offer by exploring the pages on our website.


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