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Tenera Ensures Robust Waterproofing for Podium Roof Expansion Joint

At the request of a mid-rise residential building on Grandravine Dr. in North York, Tenera was engaged to address waterproofing concerns in a critical expansion joint spanning 150 linear feet across the podium roof of their underground parking garage, extending partially over the asphalt-paved exterior parking deck and garden area. Our team was tasked with designing and overseeing a comprehensive solution to safeguard against water ingress and ensure structural integrity.

Detailed Waterproofing Approach

  1. Assessment and Preparation: The project commenced with a meticulous assessment of the expansion joint. Our specialists supervised the opening, cleaning, and thorough drying of the joint to prepare it for waterproofing treatment. This initial phase is crucial to ensure proper adhesion and longevity of the sealant.

  2. Application of Hybrid Urethane-Bituminous Joint Sealer: Based on our specifications, a hybrid urethane-bituminous joint sealer was selected for its exceptional properties. With a remarkable 1,500% elongation capacity, this sealer accommodates the natural movement of the joint, expanding and contracting as required without compromising its waterproofing capabilities. Tenera specialists directed the precise application of the sealer to ensure uniform coverage and adherence to project specifications.

  3. Layering and Reinforcement: Upon curing of the primary sealer layer, a secondary layer was applied to further enhance the waterproofing barrier. This was followed by the strategic placement of geotextile material over the joint. The geotextile serves to reinforce the sealant layers and provides additional protection against potential damage from external factors.

  4. Final Covering and Completion: The final phase of the waterproofing process involved carefully covering the treated joint to allow for resumed traffic flow. This step ensures that the waterproofing system remains intact and functional under regular operational conditions, preserving the integrity of the podium roof and adjacent areas.

Tenera's involvement in this waterproofing project underscores our commitment to delivering robust solutions tailored to the specific needs of each structure. By supervising the application process and ensuring strict adherence to our engineered specifications, we have effectively mitigated water infiltration risks in the expansion joint at Grandravine Dr. Our expertise extends beyond podium roofs to encompass comprehensive solutions for wall, ceiling, and floor expansion joints, ensuring long-term protection and durability.

For more information about our specialised waterproofing solutions and repair methods we specify, please visit this page:  

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