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Streamlining Small Project Tendering for Property Managers

Are you a property manager looking to tackle maintenance and repair projects on time and within budget? Tenera has just the solution for you! Our first-class engineering consulting are tailored for small project tendering at an unbeatable price, starting at just $800. That's a fraction of the industry average of an engineer’s services of $5,000.

Catering to Your Property Manager Needs

We understand the challenges property managers face, especially when most maintenance and repair projects fall into the under $20K category. To handle these smaller projects, the cost of hiring an engineer for inspections and specifications would be prohibitive. The only alternative would be to wait for enough projects to accumulate to get a professional to inspect and issue recommendations for repair. With Tenera, it is possible to properly handle a project of any size.

Site Inspection & Specifications Document

At Tenera, we believe that a successful project starts with a comprehensive inspection to identify and document all issues. Our approach focuses on finding the most optimal and cost-effective repair solutions that ensure lasting results. Once the inspection is complete, we produce an application design document specifying the necessary work types and materials, which becomes a crucial part of the tendering package.

Choosing the Right Contractor

Navigating through contractor options can be daunting. We can help you with project tendering too, evaluating and selecting the top candidates based on their experience and the quality of their Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS). With our recommendations in hand, you can confidently present them to the condo’s Board of Directors, empowering them to make informed decisions on which contractor to hire, or we can select the contractor for you.

Job Supervision, Certification & Reporting

Once the project begins, Tenera can act as a General Contractor, overseeing every step of the execution. We ensure that the specifications outlined in the application design document are followed. When the job is complete, we can certify it and issue any necessary reports.

Short-Term & Long-Term Financial Planning

Apart from managing repairs and maintenance projects, Tenera also has a team that focuses on financial planning. Our experts can create detailed Capital Maintenance Plans, ranging from one to five years, to prioritise repairs and thus allocate funds accordingly. We also offer Reserve Fund Studies – one more essential element in helping set the condo budget, to be prepared to handle any emergency repairs besides ensuring that regular building upkeep needs are filled. Both capital plans and reserve fund studies will aid property managers and Boards of Directors when making decisions.

Just the Right Service Package for Your Needs

At Tenera we are committed to offering exactly what you need, so we can provide the full scope of services, or any part that you might require: site inspection, a repair specifications document, project tendering, contractor selection, GC services, job certification and reporting.

With our affordable consulting services, we streamline the project management process, ensuring quality, cost-effectiveness, and adherence to specifications.

Ready to elevate your project management game without the hefty price tag? Contact Tenera today to explore how we can make even small-project tendering a hassle-free experience for you!


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