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Stair Repair and Coating – the Full Scope

In a previous blog post, we emphasized Tenera's expertise in developing accurate and effective solutions for repair and waterproofing across a variety of buildings. As an engineering consulting firm, our proficiency extends to crucial areas, ensuring meticulous maintenance and timely, customised repairs to meet specific requirements.

Repairing stairs and applying non-slip waterproofing membranes is vital for both safety and durability. Stairs are subjected to continuous foot traffic, and over time, wear and tear can lead to structural issues and surface damage. By addressing and repairing any existing damage, and then coating the stairs with a non-slip waterproofing membrane, one can enhance the longevity of the structure while simultaneously providing a secure and slip-resistant surface. This comprehensive approach not only mitigates safety concerns by preventing accidents related to slips and falls but also protects the stairs from water damage, ensuring they withstand the challenges of both heavy use and varying weather conditions.

Tenera Services division commences each repair project with an exhaustive site inspection to document all identified issues. The detailed report from the inspector forms the basis for developing an applications design document, outlining the required scope of work and cost-effective solutions. This document encompasses specifications for materials and various work types. Following this, Tenera adeptly oversees the tendering process, awards the project, manages the work, and ensures the completion of the job, including the generation of any necessary reports.

Stair Repair – Typical Scope

A comprehensive stair repair typically encompasses various essential components to ensure both functionality and aesthetic appeal. Crack repair addresses any structural fissures, enhancing the stairs' stability. Patching is undertaken to rectify localised damage, preserving the overall surface integrity. Slope correction is crucial for eliminating unevenness, improving safety and usability. Cold joint repair focuses on reinforcing vulnerable junctures, fortifying them against potential weaknesses. The application of a waterproofing membrane serves to protect the stairs from water intrusion, preventing issues such as deterioration and mold growth. Finally, the addition of a decorative finish not only enhances the visual appeal but also contributes to the overall durability and resilience of the repaired stairs. This holistic approach ensures a comprehensive solution, addressing both structural concerns and aesthetic considerations in stair repair projects.

Following Tenera’s work type and material specifications ensures lasting waterproofing results.

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