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Parking Garage Repair and Maintenance – the Full Scope

As mentioned in our previous blog, at Tenera, an engineering consulting firm, we specialize in designing highly efficient repair and waterproofing solutions tailored for diverse buildings. Our expertise covers all critical areas, ensuring precise maintenance and timely repairs.

Ensuring the safety, durability, and functionality of critical structures like parking garages necessitates prompt repairs and waterproofing. Continuous exposure to moisture, vehicular traffic, and environmental elements can gradually degrade the concrete, which makes proactive maintenance and protective measures essential.

Tenera Services

Any repair project starts with a site inspection to collect all the issues. An inspector’s report becomes the basis for an applications design document which will contain the required work scope and cost-viable solutions, including work types and material specifications. Tenera can then tender the project, award it, supervise the work, and certify the job completion, producing any required reports.

Parking Garages – Typical Scope

Parking garage repairs encompass a comprehensive scope addressing various critical facets. Depending on the garage condition, any combination of the following repairs might be required:

  • Crack repair involves meticulous restoration, ensuring structural integrity, while patching targets localized damages, maintaining the overall surface integrity.

  • Floor slope correction aims to rectify any unevenness, enhancing functionality and safety.

  • Ramp repair focuses on bolstering structural strength and usability.

  • Cold joint waterproofing safeguards vulnerable junctures, preventing water intrusion.

  • Traffic topping repair or replacement tackles surface wear, optimizing usability. Expansion joint injection targets maintenance at crucial joints, preserving stability.

  • Ledge beam repair attends to foundational elements, reinforcing the structural robustness of the garage.

This holistic approach ensures the sustained functionality, safety, and longevity of parking structures.

Learn more about parking garage waterproofing and repairs by visiting this page:


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