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Maximising Project Profitability with TeneraPro: Small Projects, Big Gains

Engineers, have you ever felt that smaller projects aren't worth the effort? This no longer has to be the case. At Tenera, we have revolutionized the way engineers can approach even small repair and maintenance projects, turning them into profitable endeavors with our cutting-edge TeneraPro app.

Rethinking Small Project Profitability

In the world of engineering, the challenge often lies in making smaller repair and maintenance projects worth handling. Most projects at condo buildings fall into the under $20K category which makes the cost of hiring an engineer prohibitive, forcing the Board of Directors to delay repairs until enough such projects accumulate to make bringing an engineer in for inspection and a spec document worthwhile. Engineers are left waiting while the buildings requiring repair are not getting a solution. This had been the reality until we created our TeneraPro app.

Our appt can help you produce multiple design documents without leaving the office. This game-changer app was designed specifically to streamline the process of handling multiple small-scale projects without having to even visit a site for inspection.

Seamless Workflow with TeneraPro

Our app can be used on any device for issue review, work type assignation and spec document generation. This is how it works.

Issue Collection

Anyone on the site can use the app to directly collect issues, entering them by location, capturing images and inputting measurements effortlessly. These inspection details are available remotely in real time. If the device happens to be offline – as may be the case when the inspection is done in an underground parking garage – all of the collected data will be synched as soon as the Internet connection is reestablished.

Spec Document Generation

Engineers can promptly access the inspection data and efficiently assign work types without delay, choosing them from the preloaded menu. With just a few clicks, you can generate comprehensive design documents, specifying work types and materials to use for the required repairs. This document can be used in the tendering process, and for job certification purposes, to verify whether the contractor who did the work followed all the specs.

Unlock Profit Potential with TeneraPro

By harnessing the power of TeneraPro, as an engineer, you can transform the way you approach small projects. No longer constrained by waiting for a large project or a sufficient number of smaller projects to accumulate, you can take on smaller projects in a profitable way thanks to the time, effort and expenses saved on not having to go to a site to carry out an inspection yourself.

Since you are able to access all the inspection details – locations, pictures and measurements included – small projects cease to be undervalued opportunities, becoming lucrative endeavors that add substantial value to your bottom line. With TeneraPro, you can turn every project, regardless of size, into a profitable venture. Elevate your engineering game and maximize your profitability with TeneraPro today!

Ready to effortlessly take on any project? Contact Tenera today to learn more about which TeneraPro license will best suit your needs.


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