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Efficient Specifications for Garage Ceiling and Wall Crack Repair

Tenera was commissioned to provide detailed repair specifications for a multi-phase concrete repair project at a three-tier underground parking garage of a residential building located on Fort York Blvd. in Toronto. Upon inspection, the complete scope of work was defined, and the contractor was instructed to execute the repairs as described below.

Parking Garage Wall and Ceiling Repairs

Our recommended solution focus on addressing the structural integrity of the parking garage's concrete walls and ceilings by ensuring contractors perform timely repairs and waterproofing in accordance with specifications. The project was divided into phases because of the garage size. Phase 1 involved the completion of crack repair, patching, and painting on the third and second levels. This encompassed the treatment of approximately 1,100 linear feet (LF) of cracks and over 1,300 square feet (SQF) of patch installations. Phase 2 involved repair work on the first level, tackling nearly 680 LF of cracks and over 715 SQF of patches.

Wall and Ceiling Crack Repair

A pivotal challenge in repairing these surfaces lies in selecting materials that can effectively adhere to the surface being repaired, and withstand environmental stresses over time. Utilising specialised industrial-strength adhesives addresses this concern by ensuring durable and long-lasting results. These adhesives are engineered to maintain structural integrity under varying conditions, thereby preventing future deterioration.

Wall and Ceiling Patching

Similarly, the process of patching concrete surfaces demands materials that securely bond and maintain their position. Our approach involves employing materials capable of achieving patch thicknesses as minimal as 5 mm. Combined with industrial-strength adhesives, these patches ensure robust structural repair, effectively restoring the integrity of the concrete walls and ceilings.

In summary, Tenera repair specifications integrate advanced materials and methodologies tailored to deliver enduring solutions.

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