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Efficient Building Maintenance Planning with TeneraPro: Securing the Future of Your Property

Maintaining a condo building or any other facility isn't just about today—it's about securing its future. That's where a comprehensive capital maintenance plan and a well-thought-out reserve fund study become crucial elements in ensuring your property remains in top-notch condition for years to come.

The Power of Planning: Capital Maintenance and Reserve Fund Studies

Capital Maintenance Plan: Securing Your Building's Longevity

A capital maintenance plan is the cornerstone of responsible building management. This plan isn't just a document; it's a roadmap guiding you through the necessary maintenance and repairs your building needs. With the support of the TeneraPro app (which allows to collect all the issues, generate spec documents, determine pricing and more), you can receive a one- to five-year capital maintenance plan which will help you prioritise repairs and maintenance, phasing out large projects and tackling the most urgent matters first – all within the available budget.

Reserve Fund Study: Preparing for Unforeseen Emergencies

No matter how solid a maintenance plan might be, we all know emergencies happen. That's where a reserve fund study becomes invaluable. TeneraPro provides the essential information needed to carry out a comprehensive Reserve Fund Study. By analysing the collected data, including building age and the date of last maintenance / repairs, as well as the projected costs for major repairs, such as flat roof replacement or similar large-scale projects, our specialised teams can help determine the budget required to have reserves in place for such unforeseen emergencies. It's about being proactive, ensuring that when the unexpected arises, your building is financially prepared.

TeneraPro: Your Maintenance Planning Ally

TeneraPro isn't just an app; it's your trusted ally in efficient maintenance planning. It empowers anyone with the app installed on any device to collect all the issues, including all the data required to produce a spec document and assign pricing – locations, types of issues, photos, and measurements. This inspection data can then be used to prioritise the repairs. Such a seamless integration of data allows for informed decision-making, ensuring your building remains in optimal condition while working with the budget available.

Secure Your Building's Future Today

A well-structured capital maintenance plan and a robust reserve fund study are more than just documents—they are your building's “insurance policy” against deterioration and financial instability. Use TeneraPro to collect all the issues on your site, or contact our professionals to take this step for you, along with the rest of the necessary work required – in order to plan intelligently, act proactively, and safeguard your property's future.


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