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Custom Solutions for Ground Erosion and Waterproofing

Tenera was hired to provide a custom solution for an issue with ground erosion at a high-end condominium located Bayview Ave. Rainfall was causing the ground to wash away, exposing the waterproofing membrane. To address this problem, we design a custom application, instructing the contractor to build a retaining wall as part of a comprehensive waterproofing solution.

A Three-Step Approach to Lasting Waterproofing

  1. Building the Retaining Wall: A retaining wall was constructed between the steps and the building to stabilise the ground. For aesthetics, the wall was designed to look like steps and incorporated a three-level planter pot, creating space for plants and enhancing the visual appeal of the area.

  2. Applying a Waterproofing Membrane: To protect the building from water infiltration, the contractor applied a new waterproofing membrane along 100 linear feet of the building wall, up to a height of three feet. This ensured that the exposed areas were adequately protected from future erosion and water damage.

  3. Ground Stabilisation with River Stones: To further stabilise the ground, the contractor placed five cubic yards of river stones between the retaining wall and the building. This not only provided additional erosion control but also complemented the aesthetic design of the retaining wall and planter.

Efficient waterproofing often requires creative solutions tailored to the specific challenges of a site. Whether your project needs a unique approach like this one or a more straightforward solution, Tenera is here to help.

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