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Balcony Repair and Maintenance – the Full Scope

In our earlier blog post, we highlighted Tenera's specialisation in crafting precise and efficient repair and waterproofing solutions for diverse buildings. As an engineering consulting firm, our expertise spans across critical areas, guaranteeing meticulous maintenance and prompt repairs tailored to specific needs.

In securing buildings against water damage and prioritising occupant safety, balcony waterproofing stands as a crucial measure. Its role in averting water seepage and moisture infiltration is paramount, safeguarding against structural concerns such as cracks, rusting, and the proliferation of mold and mildew.

Tenera's Services

We initiate every repair project with a comprehensive site inspection aimed at cataloging all identified issues. The inspector's detailed report serves as the foundation for creating an applications design document, delineating the necessary scope of work and cost-effective solutions. This document includes specifications for materials and various work types. Subsequently, Tenera can manage the tendering process, awards the project, oversees the work, and ensures job completion, including the generation of any necessary reports.

Balcony Repair – Typical Scope

Balcony waterproofing and repair encompass a comprehensive scope targeting essential aspects crucial for structural resilience. Scope of repairs usually includes most of the following:

  • Addressing specific fissures, crack repair ensures the balcony's stability and safety.

  • Patching attends to localised damages, preserving the overall surface integrity.

  • Slope correction focuses on rectifying any uneven surfaces, improving functionality and preventing water pooling.

  • Cold joint repair reinforces vulnerable junctures, fortifying the structure against potential weaknesses.

  • The installation of a waterproofing membrane acts as a robust barrier, shielding against water intrusion and safeguarding the balcony from moisture-related concerns, thereby enhancing its longevity and safety.

Following Tenera’s work type and material specifications ensures lasting waterproofing results.

Learn more about balcony waterproofing and repairs by visiting this page:


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