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About Tenera

Our Mission

Current process of planning and executing property repair projects is largely manual and entirely inefficient.

Our mission is to become a leader in providing project tendering and management solutions for small to medium sized commercial projects in construction and building maintenance industry. 


We provide tools, workflows and access to a network of leading industry professionals, which enables small repair jobs with the level of service commonly afforded in large scale projects, at a significantly reduced cost.


Our software solutions are designed to allow client to run any small budget repair job with the same sophistication, transparency and ease as a multi-million dollar repair.


We are committed to take a leading position in developing a platform designed to cater to the entire ecosystem of property operators, managers, consultants and trades.

Our Story

We are a hybrid group of industry professionals with over a decade of experience in a wide spectrum of disciplines.


Our combined experience in property management, general contracting, engineering, maintenance repairs, and finance allows full in-house knowledge integration to build leading software solutions.


Extensive field experience of our in-house team results in development of professional grade solutions designed for property managers and operators, engineers and trades.

Meet The Team

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